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It is as it Was

I’m just SO tired. Came to work for about 5 hours – today should have been my day off, but one of the others got sick, so I had to jump in and come to work anyways. Well, I get a few bucks more on my paycheck, which is good. Still, I wish I was home in bed right now.

Started this blog yesterday, don’t know why. I figured I’d write something. I just LOVE to write. But I also suffer from almost constant writers block. Ido write my diary everyday, but I’d love to write more serius stuff. I have written some short stories in 2011, but I’m not even close to as productive as I used to be. I figured if I could just make myself write. I guess that’s why I created this blog. Not as a diary – already have one of those – but as a place to exercise my writing.

It’s funny. When I have the time to write, I just can’t get a word written down. But then, when I can’t write – busier time than now at work, or just when I’m about to fall asleep – then I suddenly get some really good stories in my head, and lines that _just fit_.  It’s so typical!

Like now. Down-time at work, have the time to write. And I’m just so tired I feel like my brain don’t work and all I can think about is my bed.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll make myself write some more. Doesn’t matter if I’m tired or not, I’ll make myself write everyday. One day I just have to get over this writers block!!


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