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I’m all sweaty. Organized our closet today and found a lot of clothes I’ve never seen before. What I didn’t find was the nice, long-sleeved, black shirt I’ve been looking for for months. Were IS it? I really like it, and it’s nice to sometimes wear something that’s nice and not just okay. I guess I have to ask my mother if I’ve left it there. Can’t think of any another place it might be.

Had a glass of white wine with dinner and a small glass of piña colada. I usually do not drink much, so even if I’ve only had lemon-water for the last hour, I still feel a little bit dizzy.

My Love has her best friend over. They’re in the living-room, I’m in the bedroom, where the computers are. I ate dinner with them, but I do not want to bother them – I want My Love to spend quality time with her best friend. And besides, I’m not exactly what you’d call a “social person”.

Gotta go to work tomorrow and on Sunday, but then I’m four days off. On Monday I have to go see my doctor and see what she has to say about those lil’ happy-pills I eat. On Tuesday I have an appointment with the career-psychologist. I go there to talk about my plans for my career. Study-plans mostly. I now work part-time as a personal assistant, but that’s just for now. I want to someday actually do something, full-time, and like what I do. So this specialist in different careers is supposed to help me figure out what suits me.

I mean, I do have one Masters degree already. In geology, but still. I used to love science and especially geophysics, but then I suddenly changed. Or I guess that the change came gradually, but I didn’t notice it at first – or at least I didn’t acknowledge it. Now I get an anxiety-attack if I even think about working with science. Now my dream is to work with people and help people. That is why I would like to study psychology. It is one of the most popular subjects though. Last year over 1500 people applied, and only 46 got in. So I really have to study hard and be not only good but One of the BEST. Today I did read some statistics. I do have some theoretical grasp of the subject, but it is putting it to use that I need to work on.

And I’d love to write. Not only stray thoughts and about my day, I want to write fiction. I still have a bad case of writers block though, when it comes to that. To at least keep some of my writing-abilities up and fresh, I write here just about anything that comes to mind.

Now I guess I’ll just do some knitting and watch NCIS.


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