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I’ve got a frog in my a**

That was what I told My Love yesterday evening. She got some good laughs from that, that’s for sure! What I meant was of course that I had a frog printed on the backside of my underwear. Oh my, what a dirty imagination My Love has! How could she think I meant something else?

I say things like that at times, just to make her laugh. Love to hear her laugh, and I also love to be the reason. A day when I have put a smile on her face, or a laugh, is a day well spent!

I’m at work today. Evening shift. About an hour left, then I’ll get to go home. That takes about an hour to an hour and a half, first with bus and then by train or bus. Tomorrow some more work, evening shift again. I usually do the evening shift, from 5 p.m. to 12 p.m.

Tried to read today, but somehow I just wasn’t able to read. So then I watched some TV and did some knitting.

First I watched – or rather listened to – American Idol. I don’t really get that kind of program, but it’s okay to listen to while I do something else. Then I watched Terra Nova, Season 1 Episode 1. Can’t say for sure yet, but seemed like a program worth watching.

I’m eating carrots. I have to loose some weight. So candy is a no-no, and it is now Carrot Time.


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