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I spent yesterday evening at work, angsting over the psychology entrance-exam. Then I started go through the Universitys other options. I figure I love to write and read and often in english. My english isn’t perfect, but mostly I just need practice. So I started thinking… Could english philology be for me?

I know I couldn’t be at teacher – all those kids would just get on my nerves. Maybe I could teach some adult students, but not children. But what would be a great job for me is translator. Translator of different texts that is. English-swedish-english or maybe english-finnish-english.

I’ve never figured myself a language-person, considering I only know three languages – swedish (my mother toungue), english and finnish. But then again, three languages can be considered quite many. Even if almost everyone knows english these days. But official translations of texts are still needed. And of literature. Maybe I’d like to translate books the most.

Grammar is my big problem. I never remember what is subject and object and all those things… The second problem is mostly the problem that comes from not using a language. I do read english almost daily, and many times a week I listen to english (TV-programs), but I very seldom speak it, and my writing is rusty too. Need exercise…

The Big Question is: is my knowledge of the english enough to get me in to the University so that I there can learn more?


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