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I really need a new pillow. My old one is getting way to flat, and I’m almost constantly suffering from stiff shoulders and a sore neck. The old one is over 10 years old, so… I want the same kind this time, which is the problem. It is quite an expensive pillow – but then again its “life”expectancy is about 10 years. That is the time I’ve had this old one.

I’m now talking about the TEMPUR-pillow. It is just SO good and comfortable! Before I bought the one I have now, I constantly had headaches from a sore neck and shoulders. And when I got the Tempur-pillow, I soon felt better.

It is¬†definitively worth the prize, no doubt about that. But my pay is really lousy, so it’s not fun paying it that one time, even if I know that after I buy it, I want have to put any money on a new pillow for many years. And I’ll feel better, and save money when I don’t constantly have to buy more medicine for my headaches…

I guess I have to stop buying books for a month or two, then i can afford a new pillow – even an expensive one. (Not that I but a lot of books.. Only, you know… Some…)


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