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And the Band goes Marching.


About 500 words to go, than todays 2000 words have been written. Had to take a pause when I found myself feeling like having a band parading trough my brain. Not a headache, just a certain kind of feeling when the toughts just keeps on walking by, none of them staying around.

I joined a bookclub today. Could not resist. I still do not know how to explain it to My Love. Ah, well, it’s my money.. Still, she might say I did a rash desicion and was it really necessary.

The bookclub is a hand craft-clu. I got to chose two books and a present. I chose one book about what one can do with leftover yarns and another about how to lear sewing. I never learned that, and I want to.

So now I am on the lookout for sewing material. I have a sewing machine, but it isn’t really very good. Can’t sew anything but streight lines with it. So I am at the lookout for a cheap, but better, sewingmachine.

I also mailed my mother. Asked her if she has any sewing materials she doesn’t need anymore. She used to sew when I was a kid, but she doesn’t anymore. She said she probably have at least something. Then she asked what I need. I explained about my sewingmachine and told her that beyond that all I have is a pack of pins.

I also mailed a friend who is studying to become a hand crafts teacher. I asked her about what I should think about when buying a sewing machine. She haven’t answered yet.

I feel kinda wired and upbeat about the tought of learning how to sew my own clothes. The stores seldom have the kind I want. Especially skirts.

Before I get the sewing things together though, I’ll just knit and crochet, as usual. I got a new knitting and crotcheting magazine yesterday. I also have some other projects still only half-finished. Here at work today I have one with me, a shirt. I looked through the magazine and decided on doing a pair of mittens for my friend to her birthday. They are made with a techique I’m unfamiliar with, it will be fun to try something new!

I’m at work now, still have some hours left. At least three hours. Then it is home trough the snow… Yesterday it took me about 1 hour 40 minutes to get home. Usually it takes me about one hour. It remains to be seen how much time it will take today.

Tomorrow, it is work again. The differance is that I’ll be working a double shift, 16 hours. I’ll come to work at 4 p.m. and will get to go home at Monday, 8 a.m.

Now I think I’ll do some knitting, and thinking about writing. Has to try to get some ideas about what to write to get those remaining 500 words for today.


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