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That is, I came home. It took me about 40 minutes more than usual, but at least I got here. Now I’m having some tea to warm myself up, and I ate a little bit and when I’ve calm myself enough, I’ll go to sleep. My Love is already sleeping, she has an early morning tomorrow. I have the evening shift again tomorrow.

With calming myself down, I do not mean I’m upset or anything. It is just that when I’ve been up and about, out in the cold, I’m feeling a little bit too wired and energetic to be able to fall asleep. If I went to bed straight away when I come home, I would just twist and turn and wake My Love.

So, instead I spend some time drinking tea. And this evening, writing some more. I started my 2000 words challange today, and wrote a little more than 2000 words. In the buss on my way home, I came up with some additional ideas though, so I wrote them down when I got home. About 300 words more was the result of my thoughts in the buss.

I feel really good about writing down my ideas. Many of them are the kind that I’ve been working at for about 10 years! I’ve been telling myself stories, but never gotten around to writing them down. I’ve spent hours working on details, and still never writing anything. Now, I have. Just some basics, mostly describing the background to the main characters in my story. As I write in my challange, the goal is to get them all together, make a whole story of all my ideas.

I feel more creative now than I have for a very long time.


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