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Issues of Concentration

It is hard to write, when the TV is on. And I’m at work, so can’t turn it off, it is not up to me. And, it is the President Election, so I do want to watch the program. As for now, Sauli Niinistö has quite more votes. I voted for Pekka Haavisto, who has to get a lot of votes more to win.

Not that I think Niinistö is the worst president that could be. But, he is more the president for the mayority. Also, the picture I have of him is that he is also more for the richer. Haavisto is the kind that takes minorities into count and he thinks of the poos. Niinistö is probably better at economy, but Haavisto has a kind heart and he is a man of peace. And the President is more a figurehead, with his or her values he or she represents the people. Other people, the government and ministers, are the one who takes care of economy and so on.

I really should write, but it is hard to concentrate.

And whoa, writing really requires research! I haven’t even done any mayor plotline-research, just some backgroundinformation that I have needed to look up so that it seems plausible.


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