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~ Pause ~

Today I will not study. I’m having a day of. Not from writing though, I will write again today the 2000 words I require from myself.

As I wrote my ideas yesterday, I noticed more and more how much research a writer has to do – at least if wanting to write stories that are credible. Someone might make everything up as they go, writing fantasy so strange from our world that all the details can be made up. I don’t want that. I want to write so that people can find something familiar, maybe something that touches them inside and make them think about something, or maybe allow them to identify with some character and not olnly read about them, but live with them. I want to make my stories real and genuine, and that apparently requires research.

Today I will do some hand crafts, read some books – novels, not studymaterial. I just finished Dean R. Koontz “77 shadow street” and next is Patricia Cornwells “Body of Evidence”. I also visited the library on my way to work, and borrowed from there a poetry book by Claes Anderson, a crime novel by Karin Fossum, a book about chinese beliefs and a book about the Druids.

I love religion. I’m still fuzzy on my own beliefs, but I love reading about other peoples beliefs and different traditions, and about new religions, old religions, sects and cults… I find religion to be amensly fascinating.

I just can’t decide what I want to do more – read or start crotcheting a pair of mittens – I have never crotcheted mittens before, and it is also a different kind of crotchetting than what I’m used to, so I’m looking forward to try it.

Oh, and one more thing. Today was the second stage of Finlands President-election. I voted on my way to work, and this evening here at work, I will follow as they count the votes, hoping for a good outcome.


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