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Bad day

Came home from work at about 9 a.m.

Tried reading, but my legs – especially knees – hurt so I could not be still. Went to the store to get milk and at the same time move my legs, that sometimes helps. Now it helped for a while, but then it got worse.

I was supposed to read more, but I got stuck first playing a little bit World of Warcraft and then I put on some NCIS, season 1 and tried to make some mittens in a new way. Couldn’t do it, but tried for hours. Then I gave up and started making them with traditional crotcheting. And just remained stuck watching NCIS…

Now I’m watchins C.S.A. And crotchetting the mittens. Should write, but I just get angsty. Got one sentance written and that was it.

I’m feeling like a failure today.


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