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Psycho Therapy

Was to the psychologist today. We talked about the results from the psychological testings last year. I’m apparently intelligent, but have problems with feelings. And some other things. As she put it, I don’t have an intergrated personality. And that the psychologist can’t help me with. Need a terapeut, who I can se more often than once a week.

I first found my way to see a shrink in 2006. 2007 I started therapy, and went there 3 years. But it seems like I’m still looney and in need of therapy. Still a little bit “off”. I guess it takes a long time to talk about me.

Today I’m feeling restless and quite anxious. See, I CAN express my feelings! But apparently not well enough…

Thinking about becoming a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for 12+ years, but then I started eating meat again. Now I’m considering starting on the vegetarian path again. Or at least eat more tofu, seitan and soy, and less meat.


One response to “Psycho Therapy

  1. deepfrier

    i dunno if you like electronic music, but i find this track suing

    and I hardly know what to say, I feel like we are in a similar situation actually, but other than the song… i fear i’d write something stupid.

    I hope you like it anyway; wish you the best.

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