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After two days of writing just a couple of lines and then four days of not getting one word written down, I now have written again on my story. Not 2000 words yet, but 1755 is a good start. Still working most on the background story, trying to make clear who the main persons are in my story, and where they are coming from, what is their backgrounds and how come they all end up in the same story.

My story is many stories, all who somehow end up tagled together. Today I have been working on one of those.

It is hard to really get the background right. So that it seems plausible, real. I have to look up many things, and confirm. But I think it is important to put time on working on “just” the background, bacause that is the base of the story. I can’t just take this different characters, without telling were they are coming from, and then star telling my story and expect people to get it. I want to make the characters as real as words can get them to be, and when I tell about their choices and why they do something, I want it to sound as natural for them.

My story will require a lot of work and background checking, but I think it is worth it. I really do. It might take some years before it is ready, but I have time. And better work on it real good, than try to sell a bad story. I want to make a story people actually want to read.

I have a lot of other things to do, than write, and the research will take time, so that some days I might not write, only do research. And I am applying to the University, so that takes up some time too. And if I get in, I have to take time to study and go to class.

But I will also work on my story, writing down ideas or doing research.


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