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It is all in My Head

Yesterday was, again, a really GOOD day. NOT. I once again got to hear those words I love so much – that all my problems stem from My Head. I have had these joint-pains for over  a year, and for the last four months they have been really bad. The reason – well, according to the neurologist, it is all in my head.

“All in my head” is not a new reason for my problems. The doctors all come back to that. The fact that I have had problems interpreting what people say since 2005 is all in my head too. And the fact that I quite often mean to say one word, but for some reason I say another word, not even related to the one I meant. All in my head is also the reason that I more and more often have problems forming words – I try, but my mouth just don’t agree to forming the right sounds to make the word. It is a little bit like stuttering, but not really.

I already have a really bad self-image and self-esteem, and it is not getting any better when doctors tell me I’m really well and fit and ok otherwise, I’m just screwed in my head.

Why not decapiate me, get this troublesome head of mine from my shoulders?


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