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Completely Out of My Mind?

I just thought.. If Physics, why not Engineering? So I looked up those books too… To Engineering I have to read the same books as I have to read for Physics + many more…

Am I completely out of my mind? Thinking I could study Engineering?

But I used to like Physics – that is, all the other parts expect the basic – that is mechanics. I’ve always had a hard time understanding mechanics. I used to love digital electronics and optics though.

Well, if I start with the books in Physics.. Or maybe Math, have to get The Math, to do the Physics.

I just was down in the basement, found my old books in high school Math, Physics and Chemistry. They are quite old, but at least I have something, until I’ll get the newer books from the library.

I haven’t dared telling anyone about this. I’m afraid they’ll think I’m insane, and that they’ll say that I won’t get to study anything, if I try out for so many subjects. They’ll say I should stay with English, as I first planned. It’s almost March, I do not have the time to read to anything new.

I really should just read English…


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