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Kinda hard, to have this head of mine.

Nostalgy-trip from yesterday is over. It’s just that I wasn’t doing that well, back then, and this one guy was the only decent one. So is it so strange, I remember him fondly, and would like to know how he is doing?

Otherwise. I’m having trouble making up my mind about what I want to study. English sounds good, and I would get to practice my writing. But then I stumbled upon the thought of physics… Or geology. I have a masters in geology already, but that was many years ago, and due to this crazy head of mine, I didn’t do that well the last years of studying geology. So I wrote the information-office at the university, and asked if it is possible to study geology a second time. I explained my situation, and am now waiting for a reply. I got one on Friday, but it was only a short one, telling me that they’d return to the issue on Monday, when there will be some other people at work, who’ll be better able to answer my questions.

It’s so typically me, that all these subjects I’m interested in, they aren’t even close to each other! First, it was Psychology. Then English. And now I’m thinking about Physics or Geology!

I’d really need to make up my mind. Can’t change all the time. I won’t have enough time to read anything, if I change my mind about what to read all the time!!

I ordered the Physics-books from the local library. Book number 5 was the first to arrive. It is 8 all in all, that I’ll have to read for Physics. But they are thin books, luckily. Anyway, I’m waiting for the first one, I don’t want to start in the middle. The library is open today to 4 p.m., so I’m hoping I’d get those books still today. But I guess it ain’t very likely.

As for English, I’m still reading that too. And drawing these “comics”, a way to help me remember the most important facts. By drawing pictures about the facts, I use both sides of my brain, and my creative side is helping me remember – so the theoretical side isn’t “alone” with the remembering.


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