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On my way home from work, I was thinking about writing, and planned to do some writing, when I got home. Well, I’m home now… And with no ideas left in me. I’m just tired. It is almost 2 a.m. here, so I guess beeing tired isn’t much of a suprise.

I’m having some green tea, and ate a little bit, soon I will go to bed. Hopefully I’ll get some writing done tomorrow.

I’ve got this problem. I have so many ideas, so much I want done. And so little time. I’m trying to study – and can’t even make up my mind about what! Then there is the writing, and then the hand crafts. I usually knit or crochet, but now I’m planning to take up sewing too. I just have to get me one of those machines… I have an old one, but it ain’t working. So I’m trying to find a newer old one. I don’t have money to buy a new one, but I was thinking of buying one that’s used, but still functional.

So much to do, so little time…

Tomorrow I should here back from the university’s information-office. I asked about geology, if there is some way to “renew” my old degree. Then I hope some books I ordered from the library will have arrived. A couple of physics books should arrive tomorrow.

I’m also going to see my psychologist tomorrow. And I should go to the store, buy some ingredients, I’m making soup on tuesday. And tomorrow I’ve planned to make some berry-porridge. It’s really good, like a snack, but much more healthy. There is some sugar added, but not that much.

And then I was thinking of starting on a crotchetting-project… As I said, so much to do, so little time…


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