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Checking up on the facts

Today I haven’t actually written anything, instead I have checked some facts in the text I wrote yesterday, and changing some details. It takes up surprisingly much time. Maybe not for everyone, it surely depends on the kind of story one writes. For me, it is important that my story feels real. And to get the feel of reality, the small details have to be right.

I have some ideas on how to continue my story, but I think I’ll have to think about it a couple of days, before writing it down.

I read somewhere that a serious writer should write everyday. I do write everyday, but not on my story. I write different kinds of diaries, and in different languages. And some days, I write only a little.

I guess it is good to keep the writing skills fresh, but also, I think “how to be a writer-rules” depends on what kind of person you are. I seem not to be able to just sit down and write, I have to process my ideas in my head for some time first.

As I write though, the less I need to do the “processing” part. As I have started to write down my ideas, more and more ideas seem to be born. Maybe tomorrow, I write some new stuff again!

But there is also a great deal of research to be done. Yes, one should write about what one knows, but I also like to write about what interests me. Thus, I do some research. So that I then can write about it. Most of the research though, is not part of “My Story”:s main storyline. Most research I need to do just to get my characters pasts to sound plausible and real. The detail in their pasts is what I need to check up on a lot.

Now I think I’ll do some crotchetting. Relax my mind and at the same time think about how to continue my story. I think better when my hands have something to do.


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