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Not so good

That is me. Not so good. As it comes to this week and my feelings about it. I’ve had problems with headaches and due to that, my mood has been rather low. I guess the reasons for my headaches are two; sore neck and shoulders and then that I can’t breath properly.

The last one, my breathing, comes from my cat-allergy. Last fall a doctor put me to take cat-allergy tests, and the result was that yep, cat allergies it is. I do not want to give up our fur-babies though!

It wasn’t so bad at first, but then this fifth cat came to live with us, because his real family is in Asia. He’ll be here to June…

To better my breathing, we finally came around to buy a air-cleaner. We have had it only a day, I really hope it starts making a difference. I also eat allergymedicines every day, and I have a nose-spray. And I also have a nose-can, to rinse my nose with. And then we really should remember cleaning more often.. Yesterday I cleaned and vacuumed the livingroom and kitchen. I hope to continue today, but not yet. My Love is sleeping, she was working the nightshift and came home in the morning. So she will probably sleep quite late.

As to my writing, writing with a headache haven’t worked. I’ve had a hard time to concentrate on anything… I have written down a couple of ideas, but that is all.

I should do some research too. I have to check up on a couple of things, before I can write about them… But now, I guess I have to read some English. Reading a book about linguistics right now.


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  1. yellowjac

    Pet’s are like Family you just can not turn your back to them. Enjoy your family.Enjoy your Cat’s THEY LOVE YOU TOO. WILL

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