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3000+ words!

After some days of just thinking about writing, I finally got the words right in my head to start, and as I had the beginning of the event clear, the rest of this part of the story followed. I wrote over 3000 words and I am quite pleased with that.

It was a difficult part to write, but I had to write it, it was essential for my story. The problem was that this was a violent scene, and I have not written violent scenes before. I have written tragic, and attempts at psychological horror, but never violent. This was the first time. That was why it was so hard to start writing this part. I like to think I’m not a violent person, so it does not come natrual for me to write about violence. I hope I got it right, believeable.

Now I think I’ll do some knitting.


2 responses to “3000+ words!

  1. fieryhoss1966 ⋅

    You strike me as a real writer. You have your fair share of angst about the ‘not writing’ periods. I relate to that! But it can define the writer, nevertheless. I wrote an entire post on procrastinating, to avoid going back to my manuscript. The whole post was one big distraction, though wittily written! (writers must always praise themselves, you know). That you did 3k words is not quite good – it’s bleedin’ good, as they would say in Blighty. The key, of course, is persistence and writing through the hard stuff, and through the blocks. Indeed, even if you feel blocked, heachachy, etc, stil write something, even if it’s just 30 words. To paraphrase another more famous writer than yours truly (for the moment), the water cannot flow until the faucet is turned on! Remember, too, writers are writers, even when they are not putting the stuff on the paper. I wish you luck in your writing, and I may return with further excerpts of wisdom! Meanwhile, I return to my own manuscript….you see, procrastination, all is procrastination!

  2. I think writing out of your comfort zone is good for your development and growth. You can revise and improve during future drafts so it is best to just write the scene and think of ways to improve later. Good total and enjoy the knitting!

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