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Thank you :)

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who “like” or comment my posts. Even if I don’t answer, I read them and appreciate them very much. And all advice is especially welcome!

Today I have written only 800+ words. I might still write some more, as the time is only 6.36 p.m. here, but then again I might not.

As for writing outside my comfort-zone, I agree, that is a good thing. It is a challenge and writing about different things and in different styles makes a writer grow. And I really like challanges.

As I see it, there are as many writer-styles as there is writers. Each and everyone has to learn her own style. REading writing-instructions and advice is good though, as long as one remember not to follow them to the letter – it is better to read with thought, taking in what sounds good and suitable for oneself, and make of all the advices one’s own style.

When it comes to writing, “the right” and “the wrong” is very much relative.


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