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I do NOT recommend accupuncture with knitting needles!

The story goes… I was at work, and sat down. What I did not do, was watch where I sat down. Beside me was my backpack with my knittingwork and other things. The knitting needles were with their pointy end upwards, so that the work would not fall off – I didn’t find my stoppers before work. So I sat down, and then I felt a strain in my leg. I first tought that the knitting needles had only been pushed agains my leg, but as I felt the spot, I realized that they had actually went into my leg.

I really got the “what the f***”-feeling, wouldn’t believe it at first. Then I started to feel how deep they were and realized they were not THAT deep, but not all shallow either. and they were there kinda tightly.

I talked with my employer, and we decided that before doing anything about it, maybe I should call 112 – the equivalent to 911 – and ask for advice.

The woman who answered told me there ain’t any big vains there, so I could just pull them out, followed by cleaning the wounds and putting pressure on it and then something against it.

I did it, and it went ok. I got cleaning and other stuff I needed from my employer. It wasn’t even that much blood – I’ve had far more blood coming out of me. It didn’t even hurt then, there was just this odd-feeling spot in my leg, still feeling a little strained.

Now, a couple of hours later, it has started to hurt quite a lot actually. I guess I have to see to it and if it gets infected or something, I have to visit a doctor about it.

I hope it ain’t tomorrow though, because I’m going to visit Tallinn, Estonia tomorrow with My Love. My Love got free tickets on a day trip there. We’ll leave at about 11.30 a.m, then spend about 4 hours in Tallinn and in the evening we are back in Helsinki. I would hate to miss the trip just because I got some knitting needles in my leg…


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