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I’ve been thinking about perspective. The first part that I wrote about the story, I wrote in third person. This is a okay point of view. I’m going to write about many persons, and to write it all as if told by an outside party, someone who sees and knows it all, someone who maybe even know’s how it all will end, would give the story a sense of wholeness. Even if I’m focusing on one person at one time and on another later, the whole story would have this all-knowing narrator in common.

The narrator above would tell the story, but not be a part of it. On the other hand, I could make the narrator a figure in the story – when the narrator is talking about her/himself, I would write in I-form, but when talking about others in third person. Writing from this perspective would mean that the narrator/I-person would not be all-knowing. There would be times the teller of the story would not know the story. This narrator would have the chance to think about the other persons actions and choices, maybe giving a point of view and point out other options.

The all-knowing narrator could also give opinions and thoughts about the actions and thoughts and choices the characters make. This might give the narrator a feel that s/he is judging though, a “God” that sees all, knows all and foremost knows better than the ones s/he is telling us about.

Then there is the option that every person would tell their own part of the story – the narrator would change all the time, when the story is about person A, A would be the narrator. When about person B, B would tell the story and so on. This perspective would lack the “wholeness” that an always the same narrator would give. On the other hand, writing in this perspective gives the opportunity to “hear” the thoughts of the person the story is currently about. The thoughts behind desisions and actions. The story would become more personal.

In this I-perspective, the story would have to be held together by other factors than the narrator. The different persons/narrator must have something else that binds them together, that makes the story ONE story, not many different stories.

Also, the challange behind every person telling their own story would be that the Writer – a.k.a. ME – would have to really “get to know” the persons, know them so well that in the writing there would be clear from the style who is the person telling the story. The Writer – ME –  would have to find the “voice” of every person in the story that also is a narrator.

Of course, getting to know the persons in the stories is a good thing, no matter which perspective is used.



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