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I feel like running

To start every morning with a morning run. Sounds healthy, doesn’t it? Except I hate running almost as much as I hate walking. Or jogging. But ya’ know – maybe if I started running – or I guess I should start walking first – maybe then I’d learn to like it? Except that would mean I would have to also learn how to like getting up in the morning and OUT. I’m the kind who first needs her morning coffee, and then about two hours before going anywhere.

I don’t know why, I just suck at getting anywhere in the morning. I have to get my coffee, do some reading and all that. After being awake for at least two hours, then maybe I manage to get my clothes on. And – an even bigger maybe – manage to get myself somewhere outside our appartment.

Still, you know what they say about old habits. They die hard, yes, but a strong will gets over that. And I really should get some more healthy habits. And, taking a run (or walk or jog) would probably bee refreshing, and they say it makes the mind work better. Maybe I could get some ideas for my writing…

I could walk some on my way to work (get of the buss a few stop earlier or something) but the thing is, I could never push myself then. Couldn’t get sweaty, cause it wouldn’t be nice being all sweaty after that, all evening at work…

So, tomorrow when the alarm goes of… Do I go out for a jog?


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