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Almost 2000

Words, that is. I’ve written today, started on a new part of the story. I have thoughts about where the story will go, and how to continue, but not today. I just can’t anymore. Have to let the story rest, and hopefully continue tomorrow.

I wonder, do “people” usually write in the way that they sit down, write “Chapter One” and then begin, writing on to “Chapter Two” and “Chapter Three” and so on till “The End”? Do people in general write a story from the beginning to the end?

I do not. Just can’t. I do not even know where the beginning is yet. When I started, I just wrote down loose ideas as they came to me. Then I read through them and divided them into groups/storylines. And even though they are all about beginnings, they are in no order. As for the end, that I do not even know yet.

I write my different parts of the stories, when I know what to write. When I get inspired. But how I will finally put them together, that still remains to be seen. I do not know the chapters, I do not know the begining nor the end.

I’m not even sure about the main subject for my story! I just write.


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