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Sittin’ an’ thinkin’

I’m at work, not much to do today. Started of reading about english linguistics, after that I’ve tried to get some order to my knitting yarn – it has gotten all messed up and full of knots, so I’ve been sitting here and patiently trying to get it all in order. Doing that, I have at the same time been free to just let my mind wander and think – mostly about writing.

And… I guess I got a spell of “Writer’s Paranoia”. I wrote these thoughts here about writing, but then I felt I could not publish it, because I do not want to tell these thoughts anywhere before I am actually ready to actually publish my own story!

I guess it is a problem for many writers? Or at least “wanna-be-writers” who have not published anything, who has not yet made known their own style. At least for me, that is what I aspire for – to get the story I want to write told in my own style. And thus I do not want to talk too much about it before actually establishing it.

I haven’t written much for the last few days, but I have been thinking and I have done a lot of working on ideas.

And one last note for this time. I’ve been watching NCIS quite a lot for the last few weeks. I like the show, but I get kinda irritated when they talk about “McGee” as a writer. Like anyone actually would write a story about people with almost the same names as the people they know and then say “this story is not about you”. That so is not fiction-writing. It would work in a selfbiography, but not for fiction. Fiction is called fiction for a reason.

I guess this part of the series is made just with this in mind – everyone actually knows that is not how it is, and they just wanna make some fun of it, but still. I get irritated at it.

“A writer should write about what s/he knows about” I guess it was said so in that show. Okay, to a point it might be so. But a writer should also aspire to grow, to get more versatile and challenge oneself to write outside the comfortarea – as someone of you commented to me a while ago, when I told you about writing a violent scene, something I had never done before.

A new writer might start to write what s/he knows about, and there is nothing wrong with that, but one should challange oneself to outgrow that.

As for me, I have said about myself that I tend to be “A Jack of All Trades – Master of None”. And I see that as a good thing to be for a writer – I see it as one of my strong sides. My interest are very different from each other, and I’m interested in a lot of things. I want to know a lot about a lot of different subject. I have a hard time picking one subject and actually become really good at that, I instead love to learn about a lot of things.


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