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Out there

There is words that have to be said, and there are words that have to be written. But no matter how many time we speak them or write them, they are worth nothing, if no one listens nor reads.

As a writer-to-be, I am of course concerned about how will that that I write best reach my readers. What are the best ways to get my writings “out there”?

I want to be a writer, and the first step to that, according to Terry Brooks, is to “finish something”. To be a writer, one must first write something, that makes sense. And also finish it, make the story complete. Only after that comes the time to get the story out there.

While writing today, I was not thinking about potential readers that much, I was more thinking about what I want to say. But the point with writing is that someone reads and thus I really has to better my english. I can’t get my words out there, unless my english is perfect. No one wants to read a book filled with grammar errors.

So, studying english continues.


One response to “Out there

  1. I wish you the best of luck with your writing!

    I too am trying to work through thinking about audience, or a potential audience concerning my writing.

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