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Waking Up

It feels like waking up. Getting well from the flu, that is. Still, breathing isn’t perfect, but then again, that is how I am used to things being. (**** that sentence really would not form itself like I wanted..)

Anyway, slowly starting to write again, as thoughts start moving again in my head.

Today, I went to the library to get a book I had ordered. It is a book on writing English. I have read the first four chapters, and found out how many mistakes I really make. Like “everyone” is a singular word! Did not know that. And the difference between ‘…’ and “…”. That was also unknown for me, I have used them as oppositely from how I should use them. I have used “…” when I should use ‘…’ and vice versa!

And in many places when a semicolon should be used, I have used the dash.

The I should not start sentences with ‘but’ or ‘and’ I knew, even though sometimes I still do. Gotta work on that.

It really is a great book. It is easy to read; it clearly describes how one should and should not write and why.

I also borrowed some more books. Two has to do with my writing, the others were novels – crime novels to be exact.

As to my book, I also wrote a mail to one of my childhood friends, asking her advice on a subject I know she knows about – I asked her if she could recommend a book or two on the subject or if she might want to tell me something herself. The latter is a quite personal question though, so I clearified that she should not feel preassured to do that, it is only if she want to.

I’m at work. It is getting dark. The light here ain’t very good. Should I continue read, or should I do some knitting?

Oh, and although I have not written anything in novel-form today, I have done some notes, written down some new ideas. That is something, that too.


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