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I finally made a decision. I will focus on my writing, and not even try getting myself a studyposition at the University. Maybe it is stupied, but my writing means a lot for me, and thus I will focus on that.

I’m at work today. On my way here, I stopped by the University library. It is open to everyone. From there I borrowed some books on subjects I want to know more about, so that I can better my writing, make my fiction seem and feel more real.

I’ve been oddly tired today though. I have all this writing in my head, I know what I want to write, but I just seem to be stuck. The words don’t form. It has been this way since my flu. I want to write, I want it a lot, but I just can’t.

Maybe I can put my alarm a little later tomorrow. So that I can sleep a little more. Maybe I won’t be tired tomorrow?


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