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The Bus

Took the bus home from work yesterday. I’m seldom anxious or scared even though it is Midnight when I leave work. To get home usually takes over an hour, as I live in the west part of the city, and work in the east part.

Anyways, usually on weekdays, the bus at that time is almost empty and not much happens. On Fridays and Saturdays the bus is full as partying people are up and about.

Yesterday was quiet too, but one thing happened. I got onto the bus and sat down. Then this big man came into the bus and stopped by my seat, and just stared at me. Maybe I was sitting in his favorite seat, I don’t know. Luckily I had my bag on the seat beside me (I usually don’t keep it there, so that more people have room to sit, but on quite trips I put my bag there)so he couldn’t sit down beside me. Instead he sat down on the seat next to it.

I was reading so that the time would go faster, but every time and again I looked up to see where we were. And at least a couple of time I found this big man sitting there on his seat and staring at me. I felt quiet unsettled by it.

But… Probably he was just this kind of person who likes things to be as they always have been. And was confused when I was suddenly sitting in “his” seat. Nothing bad happened, he just stared at me.

Have written some today, but I still feel blocked. Well, a little bit of writing is better than nothing.


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