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FINALLY!! – almost 2k!

Words, that is. I finally managed to write some down today. Not a lot, but a lot more than otherwise this last month. I got this whole “thing” written down, an introduction to this one character in my story, where she comes from and what kind of life she lives. The passage I wrote today stopped when she meets this other character from my story. At this point her story changes, as it is weaved together with this other character’s story.

I have been quite fixated on writing this other characters story, and with that I’m a little bit stuck. I know what to write, but I’m just stuck. I then realized, I could leave him for a while, and concentrate on this other one.

Sometimes I wonder, do many writers actually sit down, write “Chapter One” and then go on from ther until “The End”? I could never write like that. I write more like a puzzle – bits here and bits there, never loosing hold of the whole that is the goal. I piece them all togehter in my mind, even though they seem to be different stories when I write. They will all get together though, as I write on. And one day they will form a book.

I’ve also taken up this new hobby. I’m building a dollhouse and doing the furnishing myself. I also plan to do the dolls myself. I do not plan a standard one though. My dolls will be dolls representing the characters in my book, and they will live in different parts of this dollhouse – each room furnished and decorated to describe their character/life situation or something like that. I find this to be stimulating for my writing, and when I try to actually see my characters, and to make dolls of them, I can better describe them and then make them seem more likely, more real.

This might be because I am a visual person when it comes to learning. I hate lectures, since I never get anything out of them – I just do not remember well what I hear. It is probably connected to my sensitivity to some sounds. If the sound is too high or if it a sound repeating itself, I feel like I’m getting blisters in my head. If I have to listen for a longer time on this same voice, talking on and on, it has a similar effect, even if not as bad as if this voice would repeat the same thing over and over.

So, I learn more from seeing than from hearing. Seeing means reading, but also visualizing in other ways, like drawing or making things like dolls and dollhouses.


One response to “FINALLY!! – almost 2k!

  1. Janni ⋅

    It’s very fascinating to me that you write puzzles that you fit together afterwards. I’ve never heard anyone doing it like that. I would get very confused hehe
    But everyone should write the way it feels comfortable 🙂
    I would love to read your book one day 🙂

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