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Summer Is Here

And I’m busy. I have so much to do that I do not know how I’ll do them all.

I have to work.

I want to do handcrafts hand crafts and stuff.

I am planning to sell my apartment, that means a lot of cleaning to be done, papers I have to order, forms to fill out, preparations to be made, fixing small flaws in the apartment… AND finding a new place to live.

and of course, I want to WRITE.

and then there is friends to meet, pen pals to write to (I’m probably the worlds worst e-mail pen pal – I manage to get around to writing about 2-3 times a year…) and the most imoportant thing of all:

Me & My Love have our 2 years together anniversery coming up!

To think, she has been with me for two years soon, and we’ve been living togeteher for over a year. And she still claims to love me! ME??? She likes me, it is a wonder – I’m not the easiest person to get along with after all… Or I am, but only if one meets me now and then. To live with me full time, that is an whole other matter… … … … … …

And then there is this other thing. I still Love HER! I mean, I do have those commitment issues…. Or had. My Love seems to have been the cure to that one. I’ve never before been in this kind of long and stable relationship.

I still sometimes get this feeling this can’t be true, that I’m dreaming or something. But I guess I’m not.

I really love her. I really want to the whole growing old together thing with her.


One response to “Summer Is Here

  1. i like this.
    read and write are two important things for me too.
    well, may you get the new apartement soon 🙂

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