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Money, money, money

Do not have any. Or,  I have some, but I will soon have to “invest” them… I’m selling my apartment, and I decided to try to do it myself, and not hire someone to do it for me – the fees to do that are so high! Anyways, I then need to put up an add so that people know that I am selling! I’ve compared different sites, and found the one that seems to be the best one. It costs money, of course. There are free sites too, but they do not seem to be very reliable, and people do not visit them as often as the paid sites.

Anyways, while most people were partying yesterday (Midsummer!), I spent it cleaning 😀 My Love has a terrible flu, so she was home too, but too tired to do much.

The point with selling this apartment is that then we can together rent a bigger one. We would like to buy, but can’t afford it right now – both having part-time jobs, so the bank will only not lend us enough money. So, because we really need a bigger apartment; will rent one.

My Love dreams about an apartment with its own little sauna. I don’t care much for that, I think it is too expensive and unnecessary, but the word is  compromise. I have dreams too, and mine are about a room just for me, to use as a work-space. I need a room with a door to shut, so that I can work on my writing in peace. I always get distracted in this small apartment. Also, I have a LOT of hand craft stuff and art stuff, it would be nice to have better space for them. And then My Love would not have to be irritated when I forget to put them away and leave them all over the place.

So we are looking for an apartment with its own sauna and an extra room. Won’t be exactly cheap, but it will probably be worth it. If only I get this apartment sold first.. Can’t have two apartments at the same time – that if anything will be too expensive!


2 responses to “Money, money, money

  1. Or you could rent out your apartment?

    • crAzyKiTz

      I thought about that, but the taxes for renting out an apartment are so high (30-32%) so to be able to afford it, I would have to get about 1000€/month for it. And there is no way anyone would pay that much for it…

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