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Who need sleep anyways?

Some days ago My Love got the Sims 3 game (for PC). I tried it this evening. Now I have troubles sleeping, because I keep thinking about what I need to do different in the game 😀 I had not played the game before, so I did a lot of mistakes. So now when I tried to go to sleep, sleep would not come – even though I am tired!

So, I decided to get up and read a little before trying to sleep again. It’s a good thing I can’t play Sims now, ’cause then I’d probably be up all night 😀 The game is installed on our desk computer, which is in the bed room. And since My Love is sleeping, I can’t use that one. So now I’m writing this on my laptop.

I don’t know what I should read, but gotta read something, to get my mind of the game so that I then can go to sleep.


2 responses to “Who need sleep anyways?

  1. I know someone who is soooo waiting for Tuesday to come 😉
    Di you ?

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