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more about equality

My point is, the problem with equality is not, like many seem to think, that women do not have the right to do the same things that men do. The problem is, that the things women traditionally do – like being stay-at-home-mommies, nursing, cleaning – are considered worth less than what men traditionally do. The start was right to try to get it to be acceptable for women to seek any career they want, but not it is important to move beyond that, and fight for the traditionally “women’s work” to be recognized as just as important as any other career.

That is here in “the west”, as we like to call it. Women’s fight in many places on this sweet Earth still is in its beginnings, and need to be brought to a bigger attention.

Women! Stop being victims. Stop fighting each other.

If a woman likes pink and want to be a stay at home mommy – do not think her less worth, because then you are no better than chauvinistic a-holes! Being a mommy, raising children is important, and does not make a woman a doormat. What makes her a doormat is the attitudes toward such choices.

Anyone should be able to do what s/he likes. If you really want to work for equal rights, work for the rights for everybody.

If you want to go back to the seventies and fight for women to have the right to go to school and leave home and not being raped – fight for the women in for example Africa who – some of them – live in areas where they expect to be raped, even in their own homes. Fight for the women who are constantly being treated as disposables.

If you wanna stay at home and fight, in “the west”, fight for equality. Fight for the men’s right to stay at home with the children and raise them. Fight for making it ok, fight for making it an option no one thinks twice about.

As for domestic abuse, rape and psychological abuse and more that many women suffer from – fighting for the equality of all, for it to be acceptable for the man to stay at home without a job and the woman to have a career will, I strongly believe, help there too. Also, fight for the betterment of health care, especially psychological health care. Fight for it not to be a thing to be ashamed for, if you need to go and talk to someone; to get help.

Whining about things not being as they should never help. Doing something about them, just might.

I’d love to be a stay at home mommy. Of course, I have a girlfriend, maybe someday she’ll be my wife, so it might be okay then? Of course, I also want to be a writer and an artist, so maybe I would not only be a mommy, even if I stay at home and not have any “real” job……………………………….


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