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Dear Diary – personal stuff post

Writing about personal stuff today. The “Dear Diary”-kinda stuff.

I’ve got a new phone. Yei. Samsung Galaxy Note. Don’t remember if there were any numbers attached to it. First time I own a phone that is NOT a Nokia.

Went to the gyne cause of some wierd stuff. Each appart is nothing, but put together, I started to worry. So to calm my nerves, I made an appointment. So that the doctor could say “there is nothing to worry about, everything is normal”.

The doctor sent me to additional tests.

Had to pee in a cup, twice. They took a lot of blood. Next week they’ll do the ultrasound thing, made a doubleappointment, so that they have the time to check everything they need. And then there is a couple of more tests next week that I don’t know what to call.

Everythings probably all right. The doctor is only being thorough. Checking one time too much is better than one time too few.

Still, I’m feeling a little restless. I want to talk about it, but at the same time I do not want to talk about it. So, I write about it.

“Can’t tell your best friend? It’s all right, tell the internet instead.”

The world has become a small place, where the ones you do not know are the ones you tell first. I guess its because even if someone who reads this would meet me in the street, you would probably not know me. With a couple of exceptions.

But yeah. I’m probably worrying about nothing.

Even though there has to be some reason for that weird stuff. The doctor said we will find a reason. She clearly thought it had to be examined. But still, if every test I go to show nothing out of the ordinary… What then?

I do not know if I prefer the tests to show something, show a reason, or for them to say everything is okay.

If the latter, then I’ll just have to get used to not only being weird, but also having a body that functions weirdly…

If the first… Well, I do not know. I read about a couple of possibilities (I should not have, just made me worry more)…

I guess there is nothing I can do but wait. And play with my new phone.


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