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Feeling depressed. Would like to vent, but… it’s hard. I do not know what to say, that would help. I want to whine and complain, but what good would that do?


Wanna climb into bed, pull the covers over my head and just SULK.

Wanna act like a child acting badly.

Throw things and have tantrums. Even though I’m not mad, I just need to vent my depression and frustration.

I’d like to kick a ball. Except I really suck at sports involving any sort of ball. So I’d probably miss the ball and twist my ancle or something like that. And then be even more depressed.

Just wanna be hugged by my honey, but I’m at work and so is she.

If all turns out to be physically okay with me, or at least nothing serious, I want a different job. This one is otherwise okay, but the pay is lousy and the work hours few and there is nothing secure about it. I want a job where I would have some rights at least – like a confirmed pay day and a confirmed amount of work so that I can rely on getting a paycheck I actually can live on.


(and really, really anxious)


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