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Nobody’s perfect

My Love has a tendency of being cranky at times. Me, I’m the complaining type. I’m not proud about it, but what can I do? I try not to complain all the time, and I do not do it either. But when I get tired or worried or anxious – then I complain.

Now I’m uneasy. Worried. I do not like waiting. And now I’m waiting on finding out matters concerning my health.

Tomorrow morning I have the appointment where they’ll take the ultrasounds of my lower stomach. Then about a week, the doctor said, until I get the results. Then there is the bloodwork, and the gynecologiacal tests and waiting for the results from them.

I do not like waiting.

I sincerly dislike trying not to guess what’s wrong with me.

Also, I’ve got a tooth ache. Again.

I feel crappy.

Have had some ideas for my writing, and have written them down, but actual writing… Can’t. Can’t focus. I’m too uneasy and worried and stuff.


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