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This Tooth of Mine…

It’s planning on driving me crazy, I think. I’ve been to the dentist three times now, and it still aches. In three weeks I have the next appointment, but if it still hurts on Monday, I should call them and make an appointment sooner. So let’s see how it goes.

5th September I have a group interview for an education/job. Kindergarden nurse, or whatever it is called in English. If I’ll get the place, I’ll go to to work and at the same time study – less theory, more practice. 80% of the education is learned at work, only 20% in an actual school environment.

This solution because I have a hard time making up my mind on what to study when it comes to more theoretical subjects. I like to read stuff, but for myself. I only have one Masters degree, I’m starting to feel like getting another would just bore me. Wanna do something more practical, involving people that are not about to die (like old people or sick people – they do need care too, I’m just not the one suitable to give it). And then by myself read all kinds of fun books and of course write, write, write.

I’ve written a little, but not much. I have been too stressed. Got a lot to do, and this tooth ache to boot.

When I went to see my psychologist last week, she was amazed with how much I am doing. Like looking for another job/education, selling my apartment, all my little hand craft projects, writing… And having a tooth ache. Well, yeah, I guess it’s a lot, but I have to do them all. And I should do more. There is so little time and so much to do..

My Love took me out for lunch today. Not a fancy place, but a place of my choice. I always now and then get a cravingfor their foods, and I haven’t been there for over a year I think, so now we went. To Rax, that is. With its pizza and salad buffet. Unhealthy and all, but I was hungry as hell and there you do not have to wait. And like I said, I always now and then get this craving to go there. So when she asked where I wanted to go, I chose Rax.

I would have chosen maybe Chico’s but we only had about 1,5 hours and both were really hungry, so we did not have the time to wait. Chico’s have good food, but last time we went there, we had to wait for about an hour to get the food we ordered – and it was not THAT crowded. So, next time we go there, we have to have a lot of time on our hands.

I’d really like to go to Cantina West. It is a tex mex restaurant with a bar. I do not usually like very spicy food, but I’ve looked at the menu and they have foods I think I can eat too. And I was there once, but not eating, and the food looked SO delicious. It’s the kind of place though, that you have to have at least three hours to spend there, and I do not like to go there on friday-sunday, because it gets really crowded and I do not like crowds very much… But I’ve talked about the place with My Love, and we are going there… Some day… My Love loves spicy food, so she really likes to go there too.

Now I’m at work though. This old one, as a personal care assistant. It’s an okay job, I like my employer (a.k.a. the person I assist) and it’s easy. But it’s only 24 hours/week, and lousy pay – the city pays me, so… I’d like a full time job, so I’m looking for something else. Oh, and I’d also like a job where I can get an education, or something…

I have with me here a knitting project. I’m knitting myself a skirt made of knitted patches. My kindle is also with me, with a lot of books 🙂 I’m reading Dean Koontz right now, but also Stephen King, and The collected Sherlock Holmes mysteries… And I have a lot of other books waiting too. And then there is of course all the facts-books.. Like this book about the sex trade in the west, and this other one about gypsies, and different religious books – I’m in the middle of a wiccan book right now… And then others… There is not time enough to read everything I want to read…


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