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AaarrGGhhhH BlllääääääaauUUHHhhgggrrrrräääärrrggGGG!!!!!!!!!

Feeling anxious and grumpy and like a little child who just do not want to do anything except pout. My right arm and hand has ached a lot the last couple of days, in addition to my tooth. And I do not want to be at this work anymore.

I’m so tired working every weekend. It takes me over an hour to get home and the busses at night – especially weekend nights – are filled of drunk partypeople, who make me feel ugly and boring. And annoyed, extremely annoyed. I do not want to be drunk, I do not want to be one of them. Still, I’m sorrounded at nights, and that’s making me dread the trip home from work.

Last weekend some girl threw up in the bus at the begining of the journey. She left soon after, but the smell remained of course.

And then they are loud and messy and stink of beer.

And I’m just tired and want to get home.

I’m sorry for this I am complaining post, but I’m just so tired and anxious.

Sitting at work, smiling, not showing the anxiety and tiredness.

Just wanna lay down and sleep. 5+ hours left of work today.

AaarrGGhhhH BlllääääääaauUUHHhhgggrrrrräääärrrggGGG!!!!!!!!!


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