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I hate waiting!!!

Anxious and restless. Waiting is getting on my nerves!!!

I was to the interview yesterday. Now I’m waiting for a mail to tell me if I get to go to the next phase of the selection prosess. That is the psychological tests. They test suitability and for learning disabilities. I’m not thinking I might have a learning disability – I have a Masters degree after all. But the suitability-part is making me nervous. That is if I even get to take the psychological tests.

If I get to take them, and pass them, then there is the physical exam…

A friend of mine has two children. The older is my godson. He’s such a sweet boy. 12 years now, the time just fly by at times. He has a younger sister, who is in trouble. She is being severly bullied at school. She is only ten years old and already she has developed anorexia and thinks she is stupied and wants to die!

Children can be so cruel. Who is to blame? The parents? The environment? Genes? Chance?

I was bullied in kindergarden and school, but not so much. I was not so much directly bullied, I was more left alone. No one wanted to play with me, I was considered weird and strange. In school no one wanted to sit beside me, talk to me… But there was not much actual teasing, at least not before I became a little bit older.

Anyways, if I get to be a kindergarden nurse, I hope I will be able to see the children left alone or bullied, and I hope I can do something about it. If not anything else, at least I can talk to them and make sure they know someone is listening to them and cares.

To do something about the bullies is harder though. I guess what I would do is talk to them, one on one and try to get them to understand what they are doing, and try to find out why they are bullies – maybe they are hurting inside, have problems of their own and do not know how to react? That is one reason I want to be a kindergarden nurse – so that I might be able to help not only the bullied but also the bullies. I want to help them before it gets too late…

But what to do if a child is only left alone? I can’t order other children to include someone in their games, to talk to someone they do not want to talk to. I guess in those cases the only thing I could do is talking to the child that is alone and showing an interest, maybe encourage him or her to make contact with the other kids… I do not know.

I really want to get this job!


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