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Someone is reading!

Part of my writing, that is. So nervous! I have known this guy for over a year now, but never met him in real life. Internet friend. We have quiet a lot in common, and when I once told him I’m writing a fantasy-story, he said he’d like to read it… Or part of it. And now I had gotten this one part ready, that is about a 40 year old family man who finds himself somewhere he really did not expect… My Love read it and commented some time ago, and I have rewritten it and made it better. Now I figured it would be good to get the opinion of someone who actually is a familyman 😀 And as I know one, and he had said he’s like to read my writings, I got my courage together and asked him to read this text. He said he is honored to, and now I’m waiting…

I have a headache again. Have had for some days now – feels like I have more days with headache than without.. Guess I should start marking the days with headache so I could be sure…

Oh, and I was on the psychological suitability tests. The results are to be sent by mail in the beginning of next week. Tomorrow or the day after that is then. I do not want to think too much about it, I get so nervous… I really want that place!!


One response to “Someone is reading!

  1. Janni ⋅

    Jag skulle hemskt gärna vilja läsa också 🙂
    Är väldigt nyfiken!
    Kram! 🙂

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