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I’m old

Some stories – books, movies – are really great. I love them. I love them so much, I have difficulties finish them, or continue with the next book/movie in the series. Jacqualine Carey’s “Kushiel series” is one of those. I’ve read book one and two, but I just can’t manage to continue – and I really LOVE those books. I do not know why this is. Maybe it is because the books wake up in me such strong feelings? Or maybe it is simpler than that – maybe continuing to read also means that the story is coming to an end and I do not like that? Then again, maybe it is the writer in me who loves the story, and do not want to succumb to a story told by another, but instead I live the story my way? Whatever it is, it is also annoying, because I would really like to know how it all ends.

I’m ashamed to say, but another series I have the same problem with is Twilight. I feel so old, watching it, reading the first book. It was a long time since I was a teenager… Still, love the first book and movie. Can’t manage to read on to the second though. I just tried watching the second movie. “New moon”, but can’t manage it.

Now My Love came to talk, gotta go.


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