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I’m still old – but that is okay.

Got kinda cut off in the middle last time. But since I always get irritated if My Love is doing something and do not listen to me when I have something to say, and instead goes on doing what she is doing, I figured I cannot ignore her when she has something to say. And I enjoy talking to my Honey. I guess I could have continued with the writing after we had talked, but I just did not feel like it. It was a spur of the moment thought and thus post, that I felt I could not continue with the same feeling later.

Anyways, did not get the place as kindergarden nurse. Do not know why not, waiting for the explanation of the resluts – the result came quickly, but not the explanation.

So, once again I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life. Except writing. I started to think should I make a return to science? It is after all a branch I get. Just need a little reminder. So thus I’m reading a general physics book. It was a book I bought when I attended a physics course at the University of Bergen (Norway) where I spent one year 2003-2004. It’s not that new thus, but since it is mostly basic, it is okay. I mean, you still calculate angels, speeds and accelerations the same way you counted them ten years ago.

I’m also plan a trip to the library of Math and Natural Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Even though I’m not enrolled at the University, I atteined the lending card to the University Libraries many years ago. The city library is okay if I want fiction books, but the University Libraries are more up to date with fact books, and they have a broader variety on many subjects. So I usually use the University Library more.

If I am to return to the field of science, I have about 8-9 months time to remind myself of enough physics and math to be able to apply for a place at the University. So here we go again. Maybe this time, things will turn out okay?



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