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About my curves

So, my back has really been aching. I called the health center on Monday, and got an emergency appointment to the physiotherapist on Thursday. He did some tests and almost immediately asked if I have been diagnosed with scoliosis before. No, I had not. Well, now I have.

For those who do not know, scoliosis means the back forms an “S” instead of a straight line. Not much so in my case, luckily. But still, I’ve got a curvy back.

The pains is from my lower back though, and because my deep muscles in back and stomach ain’t in any good shape. I have to train them. So I got me a training-program. It takes time before though, to train the muscles, so until then I guess I am in pain.

Needless to say, I am in a foul mood. My back hurts, our apartment looks like a disaster zone, I haven’t slept well in a week at least and my stomach is upset all the time no matter what I eat. I guess I should stop eating all together, at least then I would loose some weight.

Also, the ps3 in the livingroom do for some reason not open the program I want. So I have to watch my programs in the bedroom. Sitting in a chair. It is a good chair if working on the computer, but not to sit back and relax in. Ah well, I guess I would not be able to relax anyway, with this back pain.

On a happier note: I finally got my tooth fixed. Of course I will still need to make an appointment to take care of the other tooth that has a cavity in it.

And to make my day perfect. I got a phone bill, totaling on over 150€. Yiiiihaaaa!!


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