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Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and count to ten. Like when talking to religious fanatics. What is it about organized religions and their tendency to decrease people’s IQ with about 50 points? I’m not anti-religion, I believe belief can be a great source of strength and enrich life. What I do not get is banding together, make up a bunch of rules and then walk around trying to make everyone else believe the same.

Not that that was why I counted to ten a little while ago.

I am in this facebook group where there are people from different religion (but mostly Islam and Christianity). I asked this question about cultural stereotypes in the tv-series “Homeland” and how they affect relationships between Muslims and Non-Muslims. I stated that in my opinion this kind of reinforcing of cultural stereotypes do more harm than some satiric picture. I asked about peoples opinions about this.

This guy started blabbering about how no one can harm Islam and so on. I clarified that I of course meant social harm, not spiritual harm. Then there was some more blabbering about how Muslims are innocent and others are not. I tried to tell him that that was another topic entirely, that I wanted to now about the impact of stereotypes in this tv-series on teal life, how it might affect opinions, even though the tv-series is fictional. This triggered a blab about something about Muslims having the same rights as others. To which I answered of course, but how does this answer my question? Then, finally, the guy must have read my question, since he answered that he has not seen the tv-sereis in question.

*deep breath* 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

I just do not get why trying to answer a question when you have no idea what it is about? Why not just let it be and see if anyone else answers? Why do some people have to go on and on and on and on about some obsession of theirs, even when it has nothing to do with the topic?

Oh, and I do want to clarify one thing. This happened to be a Muslim, but not all Muslims are like that. And there are many Christians that are even worse. I was in this Christian group once, since I wanted to know a couple of things, and it was like talking to a wall of people! Trying to ask something, and then only getting the answer “it is so because it says so in the Bible”.

I just get so annoyed with this kind of people! I often wonder why I even am in this kind of groups. Mostly, because religions and spirituality do interest me, and I would love to talk about it. And I would love to talk about cultures, stereotypes, social phenomenon and so on. I just haven’t managed to find a place for this, so I hang out in these groups, searching for some sort of actual thought. So far, I have been deeply disappointed.


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