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I am a Rainbow!



I’m really good at making swift decisions. It is keeping to my decisions that causes me problems.

What do I want to be when I grow up? Well, smaller. Coz if I get any bigger, I’m in big trouble indeed.

There is so many interesting things in the world, things I want to know about, things I want to learn about. I do not have the time to focus on them all, and I just cannot chose!

How I hate money. Love it. Need it. Hate it because I need it, because I want it and do not have it.

Why can I not only knit a pair of socks, go to the store, by some stuff and pay with the socks. Or a knitted sweater. Sew a pair of trousers. Why does there have to be money involved?

Things were not better before. That does not, however, mean they are better now. They are just different. Some things better, some worse.

I blabber and I change topics in the middle of a sentence.

I just have on my mind.

I hate to study. I love to learn. But the sitting in class part, exams.. I just want to read books, talk to people, write, exchange opinions. I do not want to sit still and listen to some boring guy making his best to make the most interesting subject boring. Even if he does not succeed and actually makes the topic interesting, I just can’t sit still. And I’m not an auditory learner. I have difficulties to remember what I hear. I learn by reading, watching and doing. I learn by thinking for myself.

I s*ck at writing correctly with my new laptop. I had a mini-laptop before, and now I just do not seem to hit the keys on the keyboard right. I always hit the one next to it. Irritating.

I’m looking for work, since I had to quit my old one due to pain and strange weakening of the muscles in my hands. So I keep dropping things. Could not continue in a job where I was in the position to drop another human being.

My difficulty is the “showing an actual interest” part. I am interested in doing a whole lot of things. But, I’m not passionate about being a project assistant for example. I’m passionate about writing, doing crafty lil’ things, and challenging myself and changing topics.

What will I be when I grow up?

Probably still confused.


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