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I’ve enjoyed Oulu this far, or at least I have enjoyed the course. The topic of last week was to look at environmental issues from the business point of view, something that was new to me. I thought I would find it boring, but it really was not. I liked it very much, and would have liked to know more about the subject. This week there are no classes, so I am just sitting in my lil attic room. I have to write a short paper on the topic of last week. I am writing about the clothing company H&M. I have done the background research, but the paper is not about the background of H&M and their sustainability, the paper should be about my conclusions. I held a oral presentation of the background of the issue last week, so the teacher already know about that and now she only wants my opinion on the issue.

About the oral presentation. I must say, for the first time I feel good about how it went. Usually I have been so nervous, and I have had a hard time speaking in front of people, but this time it went very well. Maybe because the course is held in English, and I was the only one able to relax as I held my presentation. Everyone else was always pausing to look for the right English word to use. I just kept on talking, not caring if I used all the right words. I have found that is the best way to learn languages, at least for me. Just keep on going, if you make a mistake and say something ridiculous and everyone laughs at you… Well, then you have at least put a smile on someones face!

The fear of making mistakes is a fear that can keep a person back in many aspects of life, not only when getting used to speak in a different language. Learning comes from making mistakes and then learning from it, making room for new mistakes and learning from them, always moving forward. Denying mistakes is one of the worst things you can do, because then you can’t learn from them. Being afraid of making mistakes leads to inaction, and then you do not learn anything either.


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