Facts about Me

– 30+ years old

– I live with two itty-bitty cat-ladies, miau!

– I’ve loved to write all my life – or at least since I learned how to. It is one of the very few things I feel I am good at. I have now decided to really work at becoming a writer.

– I do a lot of hand crafts. Knitting, crocheting, sewing and dollhouse building. I’m building my own dollhouse, and then when I get the house ready, I’ll build the furniture, make the dolls and the of course also decorate the house, make the dolls clothing and so on. I really like creative stuff. I just bought a Saw.

– My mother tongue is Swedish and I also know Finnish and English.

– I write this blog in English for practice.

– I was a vegetarian for 12+ years, but nowadays I eat some meat products, which I tend to feel bad about.

– As to alcohol, I used the most at the age of 16 to 17, but have since gradually gotten bored at it.

– Nowadays I drink alcohol sometimes, but not so much that I get drunk.

– I really can’t stand drunk people anymore.

– Or to be exact, I can’t stand LOUD people who thinks they are funny when they are just being idiotic. I have nothing against quiet drunks.

– I really dislike too warm weather, and too cold.

– Because of this, I really like spring and autumn, and I don’t like winter and summer.

– I just love cats. I can’t say no to taking cats in, to give them a home. I would just love to have a really big home, so I could take in all the cats in the world, that are being treated badly and need better homes.

– So, I really love funny and cute pictures of cats.

– As to jokes, I laugh the most to ironic and sarcastic ones, and to the ones with double meaning.

– I live in Finland, which is in North-Eastern Europe.


One response to “Facts about Me

  1. AbAch

    One of the most detailed “About” pages I have ever seen! 🙂

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